brightwaters group home


Merrick Community Residence


Non-Secure Detention


youth reception center (YRC)

This 10-bed group home cares for male and female teens who are unable to live with their family. Youth attend the local community school and earn the ability to have a job in the community. The group home is used as a “step-down” for youth who have done well on campus but who still cannot return home.  While staff continue to work with family, the program gives the youth the opportunity to develop important skills and learn social behaviors necessary to succeed in school and living in the community.


Under the auspices of the NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH), this home provides a treatment milieu for 8 young boys, ages 9-14. Staff provide residents with intensive support, services and supervision to address serious emotional issues while working closely with the child’s family to plan for their return home.  


The program offers short-term care and supervision to pre-adjudicated PINS (Person In Need of Supervision) and JD (Juvenile Delinquent) youth placed by Nassau County Family Court while Family Court decide the next course of action.  Youth attend on-site educational services during their stay.


Our YRC is is a 12-bed co-ed program in Brooklyn where the length of stay can range from a few days to a several weeks. The YRC is a safe place for youth in foster care in NYC, ages 14-20, to live temporarily while MercyFirst works with the Administration for Children's Services (ACS), the youth and their family to develop a plan for a more permanent living arrangement. Diagnostic services are provided for those youth whose needs are more challenging and that require a more comprehensive assessment. Educational services are provided on site for those youth who cannot attend their school program for various reasons. On-site nursing services and mental health services are also provided.