Help us renovate the exercise/sensory space for our youth!
At MercyFirst we understand that becoming physically healthy allows our youth to become mentally healthy as well.We are looking to upgrade our fitness equipment with new free weights, a weight bench and a universal gym machine. We hope to brighten up the space with new flooring, walls, and youth friendly artwork!
Gym Before and After (1).png

The staff at MercyFirst work to provide a holistic comprehensive therapeutic experience for our children and young adults in foster care. In recognition that conventional talk therapy is not always the best fit, we have continued to expand upon our creative therapies in an effort to meet our clients needs. Most of our youth have a trauma history that drives their daily thinking, behaving, and acting which can be very dangerous and chaotic. Therefore, recreation therapies and a space to engage in physical activity is an essential therapeutic technique. Physical movement is an essential piece of their recovery!


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