hard to place (htp)


Juvenile Delinquent - Hard to Place (JD)


Abuse Treatment and Prevention (ATP)




rResidential Treatment Facility (RTF)

The HTP program serves children who have failed in community-based foster care settings or have required multiple hospitalizations due to their serious emotional disturbance including severe acting-out, aggressive behaviors. This level of care provides intensive services and supervision in a small setting.


Our juvenile delinquent program works with youth
who have been adjudicated juvenile delinquents
and who require the structure and supervision of a
therapeutic milieu to modify their behavior.


Based on a cognitive-behavioral model, this program Works with boys, ages 12–16, who have exhibited sexually deviant behaviors and/or had a history of molestation. The program is designed to break the cycle of sexual abuse.


This program assists youth, male and female, who
need temporary or emergency placement in a more
secure setting. Their behavioral, psychological,
psychiatric, health and educational needs are
assessed and recommendations are made to Family
Court or DSS as to what level of care and services are
needed, including in-home services.


The program serves teen males who suffer from serious emotional disturbance and/or persistent mental disorders. This program, licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH), helps residents to develop coping mechanisms and socialization skills necessary for successful community living.