hard to place (htp)


Abuse Treatment and Prevention (ATP)


Raise the age (RTA)


rResidential Treatment Facility (RTF)

The HTP program works with youth who have failed in multiple community-based foster care settings or have experienced significant hospitalizations due to serious emotional challenges. We also work with youth who have been adjudicated a Juvenile Delinquents (JD) who require the structure and supervision of a therapeutic milieu to modify their behavior.  This level of care provides intensive services and supervision in a small setting.


Based on a cognitive-behavioral model, this program works with males, ages 12–16, who have exhibited sexually aberrant behaviors within the family and/or had a history of molestation. The program works closely with the youth’s family and is designed to break the cycle of sexual abuse.  


Opening in late 2018, this 14-bed program works with adolescent males and females, age 16-17, who have committed a non-violent offense in the community. These are youth determined by Family Courts to not pose a danger to the community or others. It is expected that youth will reside on campus for a period of about 8 months followed by 4 months of aftercare services in the community with their family. 


This 14-bed program serves adolescent males who suffer from serious emotional disturbance and/or persistent mental disorders. This program, licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH), helps residents to develop coping mechanisms and socialization skills necessary for successful community living.